IIM, Ahmedabad
Director Name : Prof. Ashish Nanda
Director e-Mail : director@iimahd.ernet.in
Learning Experience
Rank : 2
Present total number of visiting faculty (AY 2013-14) 49
Present total number of permanent faculty (AY 2013-14) 92
Present number of permanent faculty with more than ten years of industry experience 11
Average annual salary of permanent faculty (In INR) 14,82,000
Total number of faculty in the committee that design course curriculum 17
Total number of international seminars attended by total permanent faculty in AY 2013-14 0
Number of faculty whose work is published in any national/international popular Business magazine/newspaper in last 1year 0
Number of faculty on Corporate boards 0
Total number of seminars held in AY 2013-14 25
Total number of projects undertaken for industry in AY 2013-14 60
Total number of faculty training programs held in AY 2013-14 1
Total number of inter college competitions attended in AY 2013-14 25
Total number of inter college competitions hosted in AY 2013-14 12
Total number of guest speakers from the industry in AY 2013-14 68
Number of live projects with student participation in AY 2013-14 40
Number of stress management training program (like art-of-living) conducted in AY 2013-14 0
Number of corporate or industry visits conducted for students in AY 2013-14 13
Number of students completed their internship outside India in AY 2013-14 23
Total number of business acumen training & development program for students (like Capstone Business Simulation) in AY 2013-14 8
Number of leadership development program conducted for students in AY 2013-14 1
Number of live projects undertaken by faculty in AY 2013-14 10
Total number of research papers presented by faculty at conferences in India & abroad during AY 2013-14 0
How much percentage of attendance of a student is required for qualifying for semester exams ? Students must maintain regular and punctual attendance in courses. The instructor is free to adopt appropriate measure to regulate attendance, penalize absence, and ensure smooth and undisturbed learning in his/her class.
Number of students involved in the research & consultancy undertaken by the institute in last 1year ? 235
How many faculty members have left/retired in last 3 yrs from your institute? 14
Number of live case studies undertaken by students in AY 2013-14 10
Govt Sponsored Research Projects 3
Industry Sponsored Research Projects 7
Value of Govt Sponsored Research Projects (in INR) 1,27,48,000
Value of Industry Sponsored Research Projects (in INR) 1,71,43,000
Please give the value of the total revenue generated from consulting assignments taken by your institute in the year AY 2013-14 (in INR) 24,55,84,000
Do the students get opportunity to work on corporate sponsored projects ?
Do you offer MDP at your campus ?
Total number of MDP programs held in AY 2013-14 58
Does your institute have its own publication ?
Does your institute have fellowship program ?
Do you have any alumni association ?
Have a doctoral/Ph.D program ?
Involves corporate executives in course development ?
Permanent faculty to visiting faculty
Permanent Visiting
Industry experience > 5 years 14 0
Number of faculty with a Ph.D 91 0
Number of faculty with a Ph.D from IIM 30 0
Does your institute organize annual alumni meet ?
Total number of members in the alumni association 32,500
Financial Assistance provided by total alumni (In Rs.) in the form of Alumni Endowmed Fund
Assistance in final placements( No. of placements through alumni) IIMA does not contact alumni for placement purposes. However many companies, bring IIMA alumni working in their organizations to conduct recruitment talks and interviews with students.
Scholarship Details
Type / Nature of scholarship Number of students getting this scholarship in their first year
Scholarship sponsoring by Institute Special Need Based Scholarship 82
Scholarship sponsoring by other bodies / societies / corporate Aditya Birla Group / Tega Industries / Class of PGP 1969 Fund / OP Jindal Engineering and Management Scholarship / Society Generale Global Solution Centre 11
Teaching Methodology
Teaching Methodology Status Teaching Methodology Status
Classroom Teaching Industrial Visits
Case Study based Role Plays
Live Projects Scenario Planning
Management Research Projects Problem Solving Sessions
Team Projects Quizzes

  N/A - Data Not Available for 2013-14, in the above data